The Powerhouse System

A Patented Electrical System Optimization Technology

The Powerhouse installs at the main service entrance where secondary power begins. It impacts the entire service instead of at the subpanels where most correction equipment installs.

Powerhouse: a Patented Product

The patent is on the wiring diagram and process. Since it mounts at the main switchgear or MDP (master distribution panel) it conditions power coming into the service to provide “clean” power to ALL the sub-panels and equipment downstream of the particular switchgear or MDP.

A Power Conditioning Solution

This means it does far more than power factor correction alone. It is a proven system that was introduced into the marketplace in 2013. There are well over 2,500 units in operation today saving our customers 8-15% of their total electric costs, and protecting all equipment connected to load because of its unique way of balancing and eliminating transient voltage, re-conditioning kVAr (reactive or “bad power) and re-using it as good power in the system, reducing heat in motors, and virtually eliminating re-work of bad materials during normal production processes.

Apparent Power vs. Reactive Power

All electrical energy coming into a facility is known as Apparent Power, and the power we, as energy consumers use, is defined as Real Power. Even though you pay for it, a portion of the power entering your electrical system is lost to ground and never consumed. This is referred to as Reactive Power. The ultimate goal is to bring these two factors, Apparent Power and Real Power, closer together.

Power Conditioners

Power Conditioners add capacitance (stored charge) via a series of capacitors. This enables the unit to capture the Reactive Power, commonly lost to ground, store it, and put it back into the system, evenly across all phases, as it is needed.

By doing this, the Powerhouse Power Conditioning System:

  • Greatly reduces low voltage issues
  • Elevates voltage of the entire system
  • Stabilizes voltage of the complete system
  • Reduces voltage drops when demand increases.
  • Reduces tripped breakers (as a result of low voltage or power spikes)
  • Lowers kilowatt-hours

More Benefits of Power Conditioning

By capturing and balancing the energy, the Powerhouse Power Conditioning System ensures equipment is running at optimum voltages, which results in fewer mechanical problems, lower maintenance costs, and longer equipment life.

Maintenance and Warranty

The Powerhouse system is assembled in the United States utilizing 100% of GE products (capacitors, varistors, fuses, and surge protection). It carries a (5) year warranty and is rated for (25) years of continuous operation. In the past (8) years there has not been one call for a warranty issue. There have been some calls because of EMP or direct lightning strikes to buildings with Powerhouse in them which resulted in varistors being replaced (however, the Powerhouse equipment never stopped doing what it is designed to do). The varistors have a nominal labor and material cost to replace. The Powerhouse is a reliable product which will have little or no maintenance cost during its 25-year life.


Powerhouse Features that Make a Difference

Power demands vary greatly from one location and application to another, each site must be carefully evaluated, properly sized, and unit(s) strategically placed.

The Powerhouse employs (all GE components) GE Dielektrol Fluid Filled Capacitors along with (6) 100kA GE MOV’s per phase, GE fuses, and 50,000 kA of GE surge protection.

The Powerhouse is comprised of GE products and is 100% American-made.

Powerhouse Power Conditioning Summary

  • Pays for itself in 1-4 years via 8-15% total energy reductions
  • Balances voltage across all phases (legs)
  • Balances the load and line harmonics between phases
  • Reduces Amperage by 10-15%
  • Reduces Reactive Power loss, lowers kVAr by 50% or more, and reuses conditioned power.
  • Improves Power Factor to .95 or better
  • Eliminates Energy Efficiency Charges
  • Reduces Carbon footprint
  • Reduces spikes in your energy demand, lowering your peak demand charges
  • Impacts KW demand and KWH by 10% and high
  • Reduces device vibration, noise, and HEAT (motors are more efficient and run cooler) decreasing maintenance costs and prolonging equipment replacement into the future
  • Provides surge protection (absorbing power spikes up to 50,000 volts)
  • Increases lumens (amount of brightness) in your existing lighting system
  • Lowers lighting maintenance costs by extending the life of lamps, ballasts, drivers, and LEDs
  • Requires no special cooling or air-conditioned environment
  • Extends Equipment life expectancy
  • Helps protect computers, VFD’s, PLC’s, operating systems, LED lighting, nods, gateways, IoT/PoE platforms, timers, relays, burglar alarms, surveillance cameras, and other low voltage equipment that is sensitive to power spikes or low voltage
  • Power Quality Solutions that work for your business

Balance the load and line harmonics between phases. ECS can add Harmonics filters in extreme cases. Before (left image) and after (right) demonstrates Powerhouse System’s capabilities.

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