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Why ECS is RIght for Your Project

  • 30 Years of Experience in the energy reduction field
  • 25+ Years in Business
  • Experience
  • Longevity
  • We have a 30-year history of successful ECM projects
  • We are innovative and look at ways to solve problems and help our customers
  • We performed on the first-ever ESPC contract for the State of Illinois (IDOT building Springfield, IL)
  • We have completed complex multi-building projects (higher education, K-12, prisons, mental health facilities, manufacturing, hospital campuses, etc
  • We are partnered with a network of excellent vendors, professional services, and electrical contractors

What We’ve Accomplished

Almost a billion square feet of auditing, consulting, design-build, project implementation, project management, M&V, O&M experience. All this work adds up to a considerable elimination of harmful emissions, a tremendous amount of kW and kWh saved, reduced electrical and maintenance costs, and improved facility operations.

ECS’s roots are in the lighting renovation marketplace, upgrading existing facilities to more energy-efficient systems, and implementing simple control systems. ECS recognized early that the LED marketplace was going to commoditize, and lighting was going to become less relevant in energy-efficient solutions. This is when ECS added a plethora of services, most significantly, The Powerhouse, a Power Conditioning and Electrical System Optimization device to their customer offerings.

Powerhouse has proven to be a dynamic pairing along with Power Monitoring, Data Analytics, Load Shedding, Needle Point Ionization (IAQ Solutions), Surface Ionization Solutions, Tax Savings via 179D, Cost Segregation, Asset Allocation Strategies, Full Financing, and Full-Service Lighting Renovation Projects in the marketplace.

ECS’ problem solving techniques are educational in approach to its customers and facilitative. We try to develop long-term clients through collaboration, consultation and strong performance. Vic (President & Co-Founder) states with a laugh, “We have customers today that we met 20 and 30 years ago, and they still like us”. The collaborative sales approach helps ECS identify problems their customers are experiencing so we can develop solutions that address those issues. Selling products are secondary to solving problems which is the key to ECS’ success and it creates the long-term relationships we share with our customers, partners and vendors.

The ECS Team

Victor Baldinger and Greg Rogers launched Energy Concepts & Solutions in March of 1997. After beginning their careers in the energy conservation industry in 1991, way before green was “fashionable”, both have emerged as energy specialists with expertise in solving energy related problems.


Victor A. Baldinger

Energy Concepts & Solutions, Inc. (1997 to Present)


Gregory C. Rogers

Energy Concepts & Solutions, Inc. (1997 to Present)

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At ECS, we know that you want to be a driving force for change. In order to do that in the area of energy conservation, you need the freedom to move your organization towards:
• Lower energy costs
• Reduced energy consumption
• Smoother-running systems
• Reduced carbon footprint

ECS partners with customers to provide a plan for success. We believe in educating our customers. We understand the pressures of making decisions in the corporate / organizational structures of today. For this reason, we won’t recommend a product or service that we were not fully convinced will deliver.

This is how we have stayed in business for 26 years. This is why our customer base dates back to before our inception and all the way to the present.

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