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All-Inclusive Financing

Prime Rate Finance Program: This is one of the best  features our company has to offer our customers. CapX and Opex funds are competed for internally within most organizations. Many excellent projects are never implemented or have to wait for years to be approved. ECS’s financial arm is able to provide financing for any Powerhouse project where the customer qualifies allowing a great project to be implemented now.

Rates as low as 0% for well qualified clients. As well as other possible options:

  • No down payment required
  • No payments for first 90 days
  • 100% financing including installation
  • 36 months as low as 0% financing available
  • Longer and shorter terms available on a case-by-case basis
  • Rates and terms subject to credit approval, call for details

Comprehensive Lighting Solutions

ECS Co-Founders, Greg Rogers and Vic Baldinger started in the lighting energy conservation industry in 1991, six years before they founded ECS. They have seen tremendous change in the industry taking them from T12 de-lamping, T10’s, T8’s, T5’s, HID, Induction and finally LED. ECS has the scalability and capability to provide turn-key lighting services at competitive prices and quick turnaround. Since ECS started in the turn-key lighting industry in 1997, the combination of our experience and capabilities in any type of application provide any potential customer with a formidable team to handle their specific needs. IoT and PoE solutions are part of our offering.


We are a representative for BioProtect. BioProtect is a patented antimicrobial solution that creates an ionized barrier on any hard or porous surface when applied to areas. It protects for 90 days and has been tested by the Global Virus Network (GVN) and the Regina Institute to be proven to kill all viruses including COVIDs, bacteria, molds, etc. for 90 days.

Global Plasma Systems™ (GPS)

Global Plasma Systems (GPS) is a product that is mounted in HVAC air handling units. It is also patented and proven to kill all COVID viruses, molds, bacteria, etc. It is the only product in the marketplace proven to not produce O₃ while it ionizes the air. This product works 24/7 protecting any surface it touches continuously.

Tax Services

We have partnered with a tax service company that has developed a comprehensive software platform to perform Fixed Asset reviews for any for-profit organization. Fixed Asset reviews can reveal significant opportunities for tax credits that many organizations don't realize are available to them. Our partner also performs 179D reports, cost segregation analysis, and many other services to benefit your organization.


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At ECS, we know that you want to be a driving force for change. In order to do that in the area of energy conservation, you need the freedom to move your organization towards:
• Lower energy costs
• Reduced energy consumption
• Smoother-running systems
• Reduced carbon footprint

ECS partners with customers to provide a plan for success. We believe in educating our customers. We understand the pressures of making decisions in the corporate / organizational structures of today. For this reason, we won’t recommend a product or service that we were not fully convinced will deliver.

This is how we have stayed in business for 26 years. This is why our customer base dates back to before our inception and all the way to the present.

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