Introducing a New Roadmap to Sustainability and Energy Efficiency

Since 1997 – OVER 25 YEARS – ECS has partnered with building owners and facility managers to help save them time and resources.

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Reduce Energy Consumption

ECS specializes in Powerhouse. This revolutionary system can pay for itself in 1-4 years.

Improve Equipment Efficiency

Equipment running at optimum
voltages have lower maintenance
costs and longer equipment life.

Minimize Carbon Footprint

When we lower our individual
carbon footprint, we’re investing
in our long-term security.

Is the cost of energy and equipment maintenance outpacing your profits?

Cost savings is always a competitive advantage, but indecision and procrastination to implement energy conservation technology can contribute to:

✘ Stress on all systems/resources
✘ Missed opportunity for finance/tax breaks
✘ Loss of a guaranteed win for your bottom line

Helpful Hint:

Why not redirect current OPEX utility spending to pay for the installation of our equipment and services with virtually no cost out of pocket and no need for CAPEX spending? Ask about our financing opportunities for any project and obtain positive cash flow to YOUR bottom line, not the utilities.

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Industry Experience You Can Depend On

Energy Concepts & Solutions, Inc. (ECS) has gained an incredible amount of experience since 1997! Our team provides “turn-key” energy reduction projects that produce excellent results. ECS has the scalability and capability to provide services which are results orientated, competitively priced, quality driven and timely. Since ECS set out over 25 years ago, the combination of our experience and capabilities in any type of application have provided any potential customer with a formidable team to handle their specific needs. Our motto, “We are only as good as our last project” has served us well.

Here’s how the ECS process works:

The Powerhouse Energy Conditioning Advantage

  • Ensures equipment is running at optimum voltages, which results in fewer mechanical problems, lower maintenance costs, and longer equipment life.
  • Pays for itself in 1-4 years as a result of total energy reductions of 8-15%.
  • The Powerhouse is 100% American-Made.
  • The Powerhouse System is a customized, patented solution.
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At ECS, we know that you want to be a driving force for change. In order to do that in the area of energy conservation, you need the freedom to move your organization towards:
• Lower energy costs
• Reduced energy consumption
• Smoother-running systems
• Reduced carbon footprint

ECS partners with customers to provide a plan for success. We believe in educating our customers. We understand the pressures of making decisions in the corporate / organizational structures of today. For this reason, we won’t recommend a product or service that we were not fully convinced will deliver.

This is how we have stayed in business for 26 years. This is why our customer base dates back to before our inception and all the way to the present.

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